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As Your Words Go So Does Your Life

They say the average adult taps out at 20,000-23,000 personal vocabulary words depending on how much of an active learner you are and the kind of people you associate with.

Words matter! Words reveal your current disposition and attitude about yourself and life. Words are used to infuse ourselves into the mainstream of life…Infuse means to introduce, inspire, get attention, make a point, disrupt, teach, & impress.

Forget about the twenty some thousand vocabulary words its the Watchwords all of us have that can impede or progress our personal or professional life. Watchwords are certain words & phrases that best reflect our current disposition, mood, feelings & beliefs
80% of the time the words we choose has to do with what’s going on inside us, 10% has to do with physical ailments, the rest as a response to life around us.

Watchwords are the words we dwell on, could be good or bad, could be divisive or the building up of others. Even blasphemous towards Jesus Christ.

Watchwords make their residence in our minds & hearts and tend to rear their ugliness when triggered by alcohol & drugs, when having to prove your right, when you have to take a defensive stand.

“Swearing-profanity is like using the horn on your car, which can be used to signify a number of emotions/” – Timothy Jay

Words absolutely matter! They are your calling card, first impression, lasting impression, the measure of your character.

Our Watchwords can be a way of self-preservation a way of cloaking who we really are, a way of preventing people from knowing our the true self. I find this with some Christian types who respond to everything with Bible quotes. Watchwords reveal our inner self and more often than not are red flags to our human condition, our relationship with life –
One From the Hart

Words have everything to do with sincere change or not. The process of change is from head to toe. That means change of thinking and the removal from heart all the stuff like bitterness,unreconciled hurt, that is the root of your negative words. Real change will result in new change-related words! In Ephesians 4:29 it says do not let unwholesome talk come out of your mouth. You know cuss words, gossip, vulgarity, but only what is helpful for the build up of others.

THE BEST FOR LAST….Take an inventory of the words you commonly use. Let us develop a language of compassion, muscularity & energy. Words you can find in your daily Bible readings that are uplifting, encouraging, & inspire. ONE FROM THE HART

Ephesians 4:29 says do not let unwholesome talk come out of you mouth. You know cuss words, gossip, vulgarity, anger, but only words that is helpgul

Words mean more than what is set on paper or Facebook.

Watchwords are dead giveaways to our wellness, our confidence, our relationship with God. Absolutely Watchwords are fed flags to our human condition. One From the Hart

About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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