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You Get What You Get in Life Because of Your Beliefs-One From the Hart

If you remove any blame from your thoughts, remove blame from your vocabulary you will see fairly quick positive results. Positive results such the availability of resources & people who can help you-further your cause. The removal of blame from your thoughts & communication makes you a more approachable person.

What Do You Want to Happen in Your Life?

Blame is a defeatist attitude. Blame is a fault finder attitude. You gain zero momentum in your life towards experiencing the joyous things you want to happen by having beliefs stored in that head of yours that are roadblocks to what you want to happen in your life But, then again how do you know what you want to happen in your life when all you do is blame.

Let us not be content to wait & see what will happen but give us determination to make the right things happen-Pastor Peter Marsholl



that you have been deaf, dumb, & blind to. Just removing blame you should see breakthroughs. Remove blame first from your thoughts & that will lead to the removal of

About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona