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Today we are desperately seeking answers to complex problems through the twist of a knob, a push of a button, a sound bite, a pop of a pill, a one minute “hello” & “goodbye conversation & we confuse God with a Jeanie in a bottle-One From the Hart

When you see the word:Discernment chances are the Bible comes to mind. The practice of discernment involves maturity, self-control & using the Bible as your compass. Otherwise go back to your stressful ways of huffing & puffing on a cigarette while you fret, worry, & answer to life everyday as if it’s a fire drill.

Discernment & self-control work hand in hand in sharpening our insight zeroing keenly in on the facts, the truth, the solving of a problem or adversarial circumstance without having our emotions & feelings splattered all over our friends and families floor.

About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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