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We are our own curse, we dig our own holes-Coach Gary Grimes Friday Night Light

We are our own curse by our personal resistances. Resistance  means you refuse to apply new remedies, new ideas, new knowledge, nor listen to feedback that has the potential to help you better your well being. A free life is a changeable life

We dig our own holes whenever the opportunity comes along, when we are given a personal invite to be part of a process that can improve our lives; make us better & we refuse to be part of it. At some point we all have chances to reinvent ourselves  to allow our better, stronger, selves to prevail.

Resistive Attitudes Turn Us Into Pissy-Moaning Malcontents

All of us have personal resistances. The more we hold onto these resistances the longer we develop an opinionated, adversarial, detached from reality disposition. As we age & cross the 50 mark in our lives the personal resistances we have held onto for years & decades form us into an old, senile, cruel, & agitated unapproachable fools. Its impossible to be part of any process when you’re dismissive of others input. Your the one who is constantly trying to prove your way is the right way.

A curse is endless restrictions we formulate in our mind that diminish any opportunities that present themselves to us so that we can experience true joy, contentment, & a harmonious well-being. The reason you hold onto to these personal resistances is because you lack the backbone to endure the pain of making changes. Plain & simple you’re spiritually & intellectually lazy-One From the Hart

Personal Resistances Are Exhaustive 

Personal resistances are a major cause of stress. Constantly your under your own curse of hanging onto to practices & habits that are  bodily tear down. You live with fear that you have no real authority in your life which is all part of the endless restrictions you formulate in mind. Empowerment, self-empowerment frees you & removes self-defeating habits. Empowerment gives you authority to live out the best version of yourself-OFH

















The first responsibility of our lives is dealing & focusing on our behaviors. Outside of that you’re a hypocrite & you lack backbone to clean up, clear up, & change. The second responsibility of life is to be useful by following through with the changes  you need to make. Enablers are all mouth & attention needing.

The third responsibility of life is to know what you stand for & be willing to pay the price. A bystander is 90% talk & argument. The fourth responsibility of life is to define your purpose. You have to be able to tell people where your aim, intentions, & what process your in. If not all you are is drifting in life. The fifth & last responsibility is to be useful & make a difference.










About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona