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Those who thrive in life tend to live longer & when its time to leave this earth they have no regrets or unfinished business with family & friends.Until you find what you want most of your life will be acts of randomness-One From the Hart

How we approach life is in direct connection with how we feel about ourselves & the advancement or non advancement of our lives. Life was meant to proceed. In life we are to be the seeker, the rouser, the striver, the hunter, & the exhorter. Note: If you don’t know the meaning of these words take the time & look them up.

In time we are born & in time we can be reborn-repurposed  if we recognize that moment that breakthrough that changes us for the better.Time has three components: The present in which you & God can get some excellent results & outcomes. Then you have the past in which dwelling in it is a big waste of time. Finally the future where you lay down your vision & hope of excellent times a coming! One From the Hart

One of my favorite writers John O Donohue wrote  this about time: We are vulnerable because we live in time we can not control time but what we can do something about is how we use it, who we use it with & how we fill time.

Life is Short Even in its Longest Days-Unknown

After the age of 40 time becomes more relevant. Time acts as a mirror it symbolizes what is taking place in our lives, what our lives represents, what we have been neglecting, & what to celebrate about.The pure immaturity of us all is to take time for granted-One From the Hart







About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona