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Scientists Say that 90% of Our Thoughts are Negative

Reset Your Mindset Dictate the Terms of Your Life

For some their heads are this pressure cooker filled with worry, hurry, doubt, criticism, cynicism, comparison, & the influences of those who do nothing but disable their betterment. We are what we repeatedly dwell on.

Wellness begins & continues with your thinking & what is stored in that noggin of yours. The content of your thoughts will have everything to do with the harmonic cohesiveness of your heart (conscience), relationship with God, & our body. Our mind is our navigator in life.

We Spend Our Strengths in Vain When Our Mindset is not Directly Coordinated With the Rest of Our Body & the Life We’re in Right Now-One From the Hart

Harmonic Cohesiveness is when the mind & its desires are directly in line & agreement with the heart which is the core of making your life happen the way you want. Harmonic Cohesiveness extends itself from mind & heart to your body which then as a vessel of pursuit takes you to the destination-outcomes your mind said to do so.

In the pursuit of a better version of ourselves at any age all begins & continues with clarity of mind & our readiness to face life everyday.The clarity & readiness of our mind can only happen by some serious self-evaluation. At any age you must be willing to take out the mental garbage & remove anything that is not applicable to your well-being-OFH





































About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona