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We Age Inside & Outside…This depends on the things we are driven to, what we dwell upon in thought & relationship with God. We Age Inside & Outside…depending on how you exaggerate problems & struggles & your own importance & how much you are alert to the people in your presence.How Fast We Age Inside & Outside…Depends on the time we take to take authority of our thoughts & actions & destructive habits.

The advice for today…Confront the difficult while its manageable.

Humpty Dumpty. A fixed person is just like Humpty Dumpty; immovable, in a firm place, settled in, attached to a false set of beliefs & agreements. Fixed people fear. They fear new work, they fear breaking routine, they fear being approached by those of wisdom & experience with better ways of doing things. Humpty Dumpty like all fixed beings became complacent & vulnerable & had a great fall & nobody except his willingness change could put him back together-One From the Hart



About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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