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A free life is a lifestyle in which you make use of your abilities & God given gifts & get the outcomes you desire-One From the Hart

Here in the land of One From the Hart a disabled person is someone who refuses to embrace his or hers abilities & God given gifts & apply them in their daily life. It has nothing to do with your workable availability of limbs, your circumstances or age.

Here at OFH a disabled person is one who allows themselves to be uninformed, poor work ethic, resentment to feedback,  spiritually bankrupt, isolate themselves, brood, blame, & prideful.

The Abled Body Person takes all that is decent about themselves, reels in all that is strong, confident, courageous, & faithful in God & goes full throttle in building an exceptional life. The abled bodied person measures nothing. We either thrive in life or we just exhaust our life away-OFH

I won’t be made inferior by my lack of applying what I am equipped for                                      Nor will I render myself useless by waiting for life to accommodate me                                    No, I will not be my disabler by waiting, wondering, & whining  what my life might be            Yes, I will be the abler of my today & future by embracing                                                           Who I am & what I have the potential to positively be about! One From the Hart





About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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