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Your Relationship With Yourself Sets the Tone for Every Other Relationship You Have.

A person’s view of themselves & life & God depends on their outlook; their view from where they are at, their understanding of the workings & connecting that is known as living. Life is ground to be covered. 

Think about this you’re either making headway with your life as a result ofSelf-Awareness & motivation; thriving with God &  in a constant learning mode or  Dying to Yourself with a rejecting spirit, a Poor Woe is Me Attitude. Or your trapped in your bitterness & stuff that you have no control over. Internal Intent is the direction we take our thoughts, our attitude, our heart, & desires. It is with our Internal Intent we either develop into overcomers & live in Uprightness or retreat & quit.

All of Us Have this Intrinsic Right to Go Inside Ourselves & Change the Conditions of Our Mind, Our Heart, & Our Relationship with God. This Can be Done Anytime. 

Who You Are…& the Extent You Take it Depends on SELF-AWARENESS

Two Types of Motivation….One is Intrinsic Motivation which is motivation that comes from within us. Intrinsic Motivation is based from our relationship with God, our awareness of ourselves, & how much we know & are connected to our abilities & God given gifts.

The second motivation is: Extrinsic Motivation. Extrinsic Motivation means you need reward, constant praise & assurance, pressure to perform, quick gratification. This hurried-come-and-go world of relationships & material lures will offer you comfort but we were not made for comfort. We were made for purpose & meaning which is generated from our internal intent-OF

From the cradle to the grave all of us will have to overcome the world & overcome ourselves. Mostly overcome ourselves. We are  the authors of our internal pain. We are the builders of our conditions, the makers of agreements that hurt our lives.

Go to the deepest level of yourself, the core of who you really are, the place of all your possibilities, the inner sanctum of hope where God connects with you clearly & effectively. Go to your deepest level where you will find the power to assert yourself & step into the world with uprightness authority-OFH

If we embrace all truth about ourselves we will empower ourselves to live life Upright. If we approach life with alertness, with eyes open, ears listening with discernment, & self-control of words, action, & decision we can live an Upright life. The word Upright-Uprightness is in the Bible. An upright life is to live blameless. 

Who We Are & the Extent We Take it Depends on the Uprightness of Our Words Our Commitments, Our Actions, Our Purpose, Our Helpfulness of Others. 

The upright person is always in pursuit of his or hers best version of themselves  in the eyes of God & themselves. They refuse to be lead, distracted, pulled in, by any other ways. They refuse to surrender to disease, illness, or a misfortune. Uprightness corresponds to your relationship with God, your morality, your integrity, your principles. 

Uprightness is the exact potency you need to overcome & flourish in life & have longevity. All that ability & God given gifts stays unused or used in small portions when you fail to live that uprightness life; the kind of life that manifests your true self through assertively revealing the best version of yourself-One From the Hart

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About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona