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Taking things personally would be right up there in the top five stressors in our lives. Taking things personally is absorbing everything.

Taking things personally most of the time is being under the illusion that you can control things beyond your own personal self. Parents especially single moms are constantly over compensating for what they feel in the past have not provided enough for their kids.

A Heart at Peace Gives Life to the Body- Proverbs 14: 30

When you take things personally you have permitted the outside world to enter your personal domain.Taking things personally means you have prove you are right even though you may be wrong factually.

We are this Fixed Being  when the mighty I, Me, Mine, runs the show. God is pushed away, those who offer advice are ignored, & soon we will find we are limited in our knowledge.

We Have These Mental Scoreboards in Our Heads & We Are Constantly in the Process of Comparing-One From the Hart 

Your Version of Life, that is what taking it personally is. You gauge your life on how you feel & how you perceive the way people treat you.It’s impossible for people to surprise you or have spontaneous fun when you approach life with this mental microscope that desensitizes life.


About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona