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Let me repeat what I constantly remind myself & clients & that’s: Life is About Parting Ways…And the next part of that is…Let Us Take Account of Ourselves…And…Call to Understanding the Life We Can Have Ahead-One From the Hart

Forgive.. With Malice Toward None, Clarity for All-Abraham Lincoln

Until you quit letting your feelings & emotions navigate you through life your conscience, your heart has a NO TRESSPASSING sign on it.-One From the Hart

Let us face, confront & conquer the adversarial beast –Unforgiveness. Some say its impossible to love anybody correctly when you cling to grudges, vendettas, hate, blame, & venomous feelings. Let’s rid ourselves of our self-centered Queen & King Baby attitudes.

God’s greatest gift is forgiveness. Forgive yourself, let yourself  free of being a prisoner of your own ego, pride & callous conscience-One From the Hart

The process of forgiveness gives permission to enter the portal  of the heart that allows us to find deep understanding to ourselves & others-One From the Hart








About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona