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The best measuring stick if you are living up to the kind of person you should be for yourself & loved ones & God is answering to this: ARE YOU TODAY LIVING UP TO THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF?

When we resist the opportunity to improve ourselves through education, feedback from those who care about us, & the chance clean up our health & wellness then that is Self-sabotage.The Bible speaks of dying to yourself John 3:3-7 ridding yourself of your obnoxious pride & anything else that has no value.

Most of us are repetitive failures & miserable because we are lazy & fearful of the unknown of change

I repeat this a lot in my blogs & that is the three hardest things for a human being to do is to stay in the moment, stay in the day, focus on what is at hand (Serenity Prayer) The second hardest thing to do is zero in, take account, be responsible for your behavior & stop the faulting-blaming. Thirdly, knowing how to Navigate through life.

Resistance is self-Sabotage. When your behaviors, mindsets, & beliefs create problems or interfere with being the best version of yourself that is self-sabotage. Our pride & desire to be right undercuts having a stable job, a stable relationship, a constant healthy well-being.

Top 5 Ways We Self-Sabotage Our Lives.

1. The constant need to have your own way. You lack reasoning.

2. Procrastination or other words resistance to change, to adapt, to extend one’s self & learn more. 

3. Drugs, alcohol, your fear of internal pain, your laziness to resolving external strife & pain.

4. Your resistance to getting credentialed. You don’t have to go to college but you must go through training & testing to show you are qualified for a particular niche.

5. Avoiding any confrontation of our true selves. Fear of feedback, fear  of constructive criticism, denial of reality. 

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About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona