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Plunge Boldly Into the Thick of Life-Von Goethe

There is certainly an epidemic of this pussified approach to life where we seek those who will appease us, pamper us, & pacify us when we don’t get our way or life has handed us an emotional boo, boo.Our drama is our way of refusing to change when we have reached a point in our lives where we are pissing our family, friends, & loved ones off!

Rather than learn to face life as it presents itself we demand exception & removal of accountability & all pain.Self-Drama is attempting to navigate your life based entirely on the state of what you feel.It is making conclusions based on your perceptions not necessarily the facts on how life should be for you.

More today than anytime we have devices available to us 24-7 where we can whine our life away rather than seek new knowledge, seek ways to strengthen up & build up our lives & learn to overcome & step into life everyday mightily.The Self-Dramatic exaggerates everything constantly placing themselves in a self-induced state of struggle with themselves & their chaotic thinking-One From the Hart

Life is faced mightily when you say what you mean & mean what you say & take action to  get positive outcomes. Life is faced realistically when you take ownership of who you are & where your life is headed. And finally life is faced with love when you rid yourself of the past, the lies, the cover ups & get to the point of what you want in life. One From the Hart








About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona