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Without Some Means of Self-Justification We Would be Forced to Face Ourselves Squarely as We are

Who in This World Am I? Who in This World Do I Belong? Where in is this World Can I Thrive & Feel at Ease? Ah, The Answers to These Questions Depend on How Aware We are to Ourselves & the Words From God-One From the Hart 

In order for the human body to be able to replenish & be re-invigorated physically & internally, it is essential you practice Self-Awareness. Your well-being will always be up for grabs; in the control of others & circumstances past & present until you allow your life to be reachable, teachable, & changeable-One From the Hart

24-7-365 all of us have to contend with two worlds. We contend with the outer world where we can not control. Then we have the world we have control over & that is our inner world of feelings, thoughts, conscience (heart). Both of these worlds can pay a heavy physical, mental, & spiritual toll on us if we lack Self-Awareness. Speak to your life quit struggling silently. 

Self- Awareness is the Demand of One’s Self to Exert a remodeling of One’s Internal Self-OFH

As we age we wear out faster signs of this start in our late thirties. Self-Awareness makes us Abound; rich in knowledge, well equipped to navigate in the testy waters of daily life. 

The Time is Coming to do some Soul Searchin                                                                                      No more running, no more bridges burned                                                                                        To Take a Look Inside Myself No Matter                                                                                       

 What I’m Going To See                                                                                                                           My Life is Going to Make Some Real Changes                                                                                  This World Keeps Turning                                                                                                               

 And I Sit Here Wondering                                                                                                                   While Opportunities Pass Me By                                                                                                             It’s Time to Stop What Was Not Work’n                                                                                            Time to Search My Soul                                                                                                                        And Make a Good Thing Whole                                                                                                          Soul Searchin-Glenn Frey

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About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona