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The Highest Form of Ignorance is When You Reject Something You Don’t Know a Thing About-Unknown

In no shape or form can we see & live our lives in pure freedom & joy until we allow ourselves to be reachable & changeable from the inside of ourselves out .Self-Awareness is the gateway to an Upright life-One From the Hart

Living the Upright life means to be moving along towards a predestined-full-of-hope destiny.The Upright Life is paved with initiative, exertion, delivering timely outcomes-OFH 

Your best self must be louder than everything else in your life!

Living life gets down to having an Accepting Spirit or Rejecting Spirit.  In regards to living out your life you’re either constantly seeking better opportunities, having a desire for new breakthroughs, or your stuck in you, stuck in being a bystander of life & watching life’s invitations pass you by. For most of us talking about our problems are our greatest addictions.

Define What You are in Search of in Life

Having an Accepting Attitude would mean you have arrived to a point in your life that you deal with your personal-inner self with honesty, reasoning, & understanding. Those with an Accepting Attitude listen, observe, then evaluate. Most people today have a difficult time having a conversation.They are not accustomed to sharing thoughts & views or having the insight to understand that in a conversation lessons & learning can happen. 

The Accepting Spirit is an AWAKENING being, someone who gives permission to people to teach them, correct them, & help them navigate through life-One From the Hart

The Accepting Spirit has reached that maturity level where they know they can not change others or make them think what they think. To have an Accepting Spirit you must first go deep & accept who you are.One From the Hart

Contrarian is someone who constantly is taking an opposing view. Someone who enjoys being an antagonist; an adversary.Those with a Rejecting Spirit, have allowed disappointment to render them a cynic, lazy minded, hardened of heart, & doubtful with God

You can not be accepting of others unless you have taken the time to accept yourself as this flawed person. You can not be accepting of others unless you have taken the courage to face yourself honestly.  Those with an Accepting Spirit knows what is enough in their life.They have accepted their limits, have accepted time, they have embraced their abilities & all their attributes & use them to get the outcomes they want-One From the Hart

The Rejecting Spirit is a Fragile Soul, Unapproachable to any Alternatives to Bettering Their Lives

To sum it up those who have a Rejecting Spirit are caught up in their Own Resistance. You’re prisoner of your thoughts & beliefs that keep you stopped & stifled & give you almost zero freedom in moving along in life. Likely your someone who places their identity in their job.The more you lose your curiosity the more judgmental you become.

The Rejecting Spirit is guided first by their own reasoning. Reasoning that is fueled by bitterness, misinformation, misunderstandings, self-pity, & ego. The Rejecting Spirit is in constant push back with people. They are contrary in attitude, they will nitpick everything & everyone  because that is how they treat themselves.

When we become so neglectful of our well being, another words we fail to put checks & balances on our thoughts, our relationship with God, how we treat others; what we say & what we do, when we abandon taking inventory of where we are taking our lives it is then we arrive to a rejecting attitude. A Rejecting Spirit isolates you from being the best version of yourself. It distances you from the information, feedback, & valuable interaction with people that can steer you in better directions.

All Living Things are Perishable

In case you have not realized life will outmatch us when we isolate ourselves from people, from continual learning, & having a relationship with God. Life will outmatch us & bring us to our knees when we fail to accept reality, & remain vigilant & proactive of the inevitable happenings that life sends its way to all of us; illness, aging, & death.

As we age we either learn how to transform ourselves, reinvent ourselves, how to invigorate ourselves, & renew ourselves especially after the age of 50 or we will perish quickly by the hand of our own rejecting attitudes-One From the Hart

















































About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona