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Chances Don’t Approach You, it’s You Who Approach Chances – Toba Bata

What is certain in everyone’s life is that we are able to contribute, able to be productive, and able to communicate with people and God. Able being the key word. The Latin word for Able is Polleo which means your capacity to be strong, what you can do, what you can handle. We cannot waste time we can only waste ourselves-George Adams

The only time I use the word limit/limits is when it has to do with imposing our own restrictions on ourselves. You know the barriers we place on ourselves because we think too much, we imagine far too much, we judge, we fear, and we worry. They lose the day in expectation of the night, & the night in fear of the dawn – Seneca

The Shortness of Life.

When we allow ourselves to become unfocused, unfaithful to the things that we designated in our lives that count, when we easily become unraveled and sidetracked because we misinterpret what is happening in our lives we lose strength and momentum in the pursuit of our purpose and our desires. Without a doubt we never come to realize the true person we are, never get to discover and realize our true selves because we misinterpret life, people, and reality. Knowledge is something which you can use, BELIEF is something which uses you.  Idries Slah

Able..means having the power, the skill, the means, the resources, the experience, and your usefulness. Slackers are the worst because they know what they are able to do they just play the numb-dumb game with family and those concerned about them and do nothing. Slackers are manipulators, excuse makers and charmers. Most of us spend our lives as if we had another one in the bank. Ben Irwin

Able-bodied…Having the power, the skills, the means, opportunity, experience, and a wanting to be useful and apply your usefulness.

Find a Truth that Brings You Blessings – Toba Beta

What is this life full of care, we have no time to stand and stare? We have no time to sit on our butts, pouting and self-pitying, wasting away in a solitary rut. There is no time in youth or old to stand and stare allowing abilities to go uncared. No time to see, no time to wait, no time to pass feeble words along, no time to lay low and hesitate. No time to stand, no time to sit, no time to stare, no time to brood and pretend you don’t give a sh-t. What is this life it’s meant for us to care, meant to mobilize our hearts, meant to take those desiring dares. Adapted from Leisure by W.H.Davies

The word NOW is like a bomb thrown through the window and it ticks. Arthur Miller

One From the Hart..is all about stepping into your life with the confidence and courage necessary to achieve what you want, what you desire. One From the Hart has everything to do with acquiring the confidence-courage that it will take to become the person you can be, betterment! Most importantly, One From the Hart is about living life wholeheartedly, putting to use the abilities God has instilled in you at birth. We are predestined to make a difference, deliver the goods for the Lord above. When nothing is valued for what it is, everything is destined to be wasted -Wendell Berry

We have the freedom to determine our fate, fulfill our destiny by using what we are able to do in school, work, in the community. One From the Hart

We are hungry for more; underneath all the lure of lies, hypocrisy, & quick fixes is a heart that desires. If we do not consciously pursue the more, we create less in our lives and make it more difficult to experience life the way it should. Judith Wright

Don’t get me wrong there is a time to contemplate. Contemplate means looking at something thoroughly for a long time, deep reflection . However I meet too many people these days who contemplate life to a nothing halt. Today too many people hide behind contemplation. Too many people hide behind claiming they are tolerant when they are afraid to step it up and courage it up. Seems today we lather our life more with words (because of our access to the social network) more with shallow commitments, intentions that are based on half-truths, and we’ve made failing a philosophy that has been wide accepted by adults and our youth. Contemplation is wise when you put yourself on a time limit of thinking, reflecting, and evaluating and make use of that time by taking effective action. Otherwise contemplating puts you on your heels rather up on your toes and ready to move with steadfast action. Contemplation can be used as a loophole to escape and avoid accepting personal responsibility. Slackers spend more time contemplating than doing. Your life can only be grasped by action not by contemplation, the hand is the cutting edge of the mind-Diane Arbus

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands, you need to be able to throw something back. Maya Angelou

Life is a miserable thing for those who lose heart. 2Cor.4:16 If you violate laws of God you’re a sinner, if you violate the laws of man you’re a criminal, if you violate your own laws your pathetic. Author Unknown
We all need the right moment to do the right thing and when those moments fall right in our laps, stand right in front of you in the form of a person who has something to offer that will benefit your betterment, when chances are shouting at you for you to come out and be useful, be productive, you better do it! One From the Hart

If there are correctable mistakes in your life then set a deadline to make corrections otherwise you will point backwards and use them as self-imposed barriers preventing you from moving light stepped and steadfast towards a completion of any goal. If you care enough for a result you will certainly go to all great lengths to attain it, otherwise all your doing is blowing a lot of sweet talk up somebodies ass.
One From the Hart

To acquire that right moment we need to be pointing everything about our live sin the forward direction. One From the Hart

The pursuit of your life requires a predetermined attitude meaning you need to establish in advance a solid plan that includes updated information needed to help you move along. You will need to be certain about the outcome which means you need to describe how you will do, when, where, and the time things will be finished.
We are not creatures of circumstance, we are creators of circumstance. Benjamin Disraeli

Full-bore stepping straight into a decision and never thinking about what you decided,Full-bore, moving at top speed,all out, full throttle with maximum effort, It is in us, it is planted in us from the good Lord to want more; we are not meant to crawl on the earth, we are meant to rise and keep rising with desire in our hearts and if we do not consciously pursue the more, the desire we create will be less for ourselves and make it difficult to see opportunities in people, and in life around us. We were designed to be in pursuit of something bigger and greater than what we know, we think we know, and what we may have settled at any age about who we are. Strong minds come from thinking and studying, strong hearts come by activating our faith, by believing the predestination God has for us, strong legs develop when we remain diligent, when we hurtle on, when we move through the things that if we stop will distract us from our predetermined way. Don’t put off your happy life-Unknown

I always look forward to reading your feedback and I encourage you to read my previous posts

One From the Hart Always!

About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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