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Live Life Big, Bold, & Out Loud! Shannon L. Alder

A Process, a process that does it right  gets results & constantly is self-perpetuating & empowering. Self-perpetuating means to continue one’s self indefinitely.

The Best Way to Live a Free & Joyous Life is to Not Look for Quick Answers

A process is the best measuring stick of someone’s sincerity. After all a process is all about the momentum & outcome of something that has been defined & determined to make happen. It’s not how smart you are its what you do with the time, opportunity, help, & resources.

Performance is the Best Way to Shut People Up-Marcus Lemonis The Profit

With a process there is always a light at the end of the tunnel because from beginning to end there is a defined & determined course of action. First, what do you want & what do you want to make happen? Secondly, in what time frame will you get what you want?

A process has an intentional pursuit, with a process every action has a reason. A process is the coming together of people, new knowledge, making constant breakthroughs, finding new resources, forged into a link of empowerment of all who participates-OFH

A Process is about…Follow Through-Valuing Time-Valuing Others Time-Getting With the Right Influences-Having Priorities–Cooperative Attitudes-Getting Answers-Maturing-Being Effective, Working the Plan-Celebrating Outcomes

Man Can Learn Nothing Except by Going From Known to Unknown-Claude Bernard

Until you face & dispose of your own personal resistances forget about getting the outcomes you desire happen. Most people would rather feel secure in their liars world than branch out & become more than what they are used to.

Personal Resistances are the reasons we hold onto to avoid discomfort of change, the pain & sacrifices that is associated with change. The two biggest personal resistances we hold onto tightly is taking constructive feedback personally & being a know-it-all.

Most of what a process is about is relating to people in a non adversarial way. Be willing to accept feedback without defending yourself & have the maturity to look yourself in the mirror & define yourself honestly then ask for help within the process.

My method of working with my clients as a Wellness Coach is a process. I have found in my years of experience with those who reject a  process are those who have made it a bad habit of trying to impose their control on others. Enablers have a real hard time with a process.

Resistance is the agitating feeling of not wanting to take action on something important. Whereas a process helps you own up to your life, gets you to deliver; follow through on the things you thought you could never fulfill or be successful at-One From the Hart





About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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