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You can not be an Overcomer (please read previous blog Overcomer) when all you do is try to live in an insulated bubble. Meaning; try to do everything on your own, attempt to isolate yourself from connecting with people, run from anything that disagrees with you, challenges you, interrupts your expectations that life should be without struggle or hassle. It won’t work, never has.Life will always outmatch-overwhelm you when you stop processing feedback, when you attempt to form your own reality.

When your life is not going strongly well at any age it is because you lack the right knowledge, you’re terribly under equipped to navigate life correctly, you lack a daily pray life, or your body is fatigued, drugged, drunk, or lazy.One From the Hart

Pain will make you change. Two types of pain…Internal & External. The pain that is constant in our lives till we die is: Resistance.We create most of the problems in our lives & we don’t know how to get out of them.

Resistance is the stoppage of momentum in your life. It is the great interrupter of your preconceived expectations, assumptions, agreements about your life you have held onto so strongly & they are being challenged by the storms of reality. Man’s freedom is not from pain or struggles or problems. Your freedom is in how you approach, how you view something that is interrupting your life & if you conquer it in a timely manner or let it own you, let it eat at you-One From the Hart

In his book THE WAR of ART Breaking Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles Author Steven Pressfield describes resistance as a form of self- sabotage. Another words it is all the negative-unproductive thoughts, all the exaggeration & over- inflated feelings we feed our resistance that makes the resistance bigger & stronger. The Overcomer embraces the uncertainty of resistance because the Overcomer knows where to look within themselves for strength, calm, & resource from our heavenly God-One From the Hart
































































The more we allow fear, doubt, & ego to deal with the the things that oppose us, challenge us, make us work extra, the more we rely on negotiating our way through difficult situations & that leads to eventual misery. By avoiding certain difficulties of life you will exaggerate their pain & discomfort-Carl Ellis

Your Always a Decision Away From Totally Better Life

An Overcomer is a grasper. Someone who seeks to know, someone who seeks to be equipped to master any resistance they come across so that they get the outcomes they desire. The Grasper always is in search of understanding & in that search will ask questions & see feedback from others as fuel for what they want to accomplish.

Being above discouragement will mean to embrace uncertainty which for a lot of people that is almost an impossibility. Most people want their hands held, they want a painless life free of resi


About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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