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The Bible refers to our bodies as a Vessel.  Like a ship on the sea. I’m with that. Except we move on the Sea of Reality everyday unless we are incapacitated by substance abuse, fear, procrastination,& indecisiveness. Our bodies, our vessel carries the abilities, characteristics, inspirit, thoughts, & heart  that  enables us to be in a  determined process.

Show me someone who has been accustomed to self-depriving their body with nicotine, bad diet, substance abuse, avoidance of exercise & you’ll have a human vessel that will be energetically & motivationally impaired. Effective navigation is our inner self workings in smooth harmony with our outer self & meeting requirements & deadlines that are a reality of life-One From the Hart

Knowing & Understanding How to Effectively Navigate Through Life Keeps Stress Away

Everyday all of us are attempting to make headway. Most of us are desperately, anxiously, reactively, forcing ourselves to get to where we have be; meet deadlines demanded upon us. Effective navigation is a discipline that first gets you to remove mental clutter & any outside useless chatter.Focus on the moment, think in the moment, speak only of the moment,& capture the now & get the results you wanted-OFH

 The worlds a fine place for those with undertakings anxiously wanting to be met for personal, financial, or educational gains. The world is a frightening & insane place when you have limited navigational skills to maneuver about.

The world is a fine place for those who are uninhibited by the unknown, the excitement of conversing & learning from strangers & facing adversities with an optimistic mind set. The world is for sure adversarial & harsh when you face the day without a plan, God, purpose, & a process-One From the Hart

Navigating Through Life Effectively Requires Giving Up Our Childish & Naïve Approaches to Life

Navigating effectively  means to be vigilant of time, place, & purpose. It means to keep your emotions in check when facing difficult situations or making decisions. Navigating effectively will mean to remain steadfast when your weathering the storms of life.

Any dream, aspiration, or process needs effective navigation along with determined action. Any talent, skill, or passion needs a common sense alertness to reality and influences that help keep your wandering butt on course. Otherwise everything will remain just talk, just shallow promises, just talk! One From the Hart





































About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona