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Under the banner of one of the hardest thing for a human being to do,  following up on what you committed to is it. Next to that is accepting responsibility for your words & actions-OFH

Follow through is a rarity today at any age. We want to do things when we are ready & when the conditions are comfortable, easy, & just so they don’t get in the way of our plans. No backbone, no balls, no initiative, no guts, no drive, what you expect is people to serve you & drop opportunities in your lap-One From the Hart

The Man & Women Who Finishes the Unfinished Business-Follow Through-Integrity

Follow through means you are alert to time, place, & opportunities. Follow through proves you notice life.  Follow through means you can reply to an urgent call that may enhance your life in a minutes notice. Rather than saying to your kids that you love them how about going deeper to commitment &  telling them: I WILL FOLLOW THROUGH FOR YOU! Do you have it in you to tell your kids that right now?

The Root to Most Mistrust is Running Out on What You Said You Would Do & Complete

Follow through means you have the capability to ignore distractions & zero in on what is needed, necessary, vital to use, vital to living, important to the progression of a process. Follow through absolutely takes maturity-One From the Hart

Follow through will always reveal the depth & dependability of ones character. If you want to gauge the honesty, sincerity, reliability, of someone who is either in your personal space or is making their way there you better be testing their follow through.Follow through is the ability to carry on, carry out, carry to completion a plan, a process, a passion, a dream. Without follow through we have uncertainty and with uncertainty we have constant doubt & chaos-One From the Hart





About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona