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Give Me a Place to Stand & I Will Move the Earth-Unknown

Far too many of us rely on our jobs & people to define us, to get us through a day, to encourage us when were down. Far too many of us wait for the right opportunity to come.Insight means to initiate & work your abilities & God given gifts.

Insight…Strong All the Way Through. Mind, heart, relationship with God, & character. Key word here: Knowing.

More of Life Needs to be Sought

An Eureka or Aha moment is a sudden triumphant or discovery in our lives. There are times in our lives where we must initiate even apply some push to get noticed to make the breakthroughs that are needed to happen.Eureka moments are like thunderbolts of invigoration to the whole body!

Insight means to have your life interrupted. Insight is the power to see things deeper & that has to start with looking deeper into who you are. Many times we can be helped in this process by listening to people who know you better than yourself. Insight is to correct & remove behaviors that make you unapproachable -One From the Hart

Insight is something that takes time & maturity. It means to go beyond what meets the human eye & inquire.Confidence illuminates in our navigation of life when we see circumstances & struggles as opportunities to apply our insightful powers-OFH

No Hurried Life

Insight is the Fountain of Youth. When you are deliberately connected to your insight you read into things with detail, take nothing for granted, & do not engage in behaviors that will shorten your life. Insight is the beacon of life from God that shines on the things that encourage living wholeheartedly, taking positive risks, & never taking life & the life gifted to you carelessly-One From the Hart






















About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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