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Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in  what will be as long as you are working in union with God, with those of wisdom, & those who love you enough to give you correction when your life is going astray-One From the Hart


I used to ask people who solicit my help as a Wellness Coach:What do they want in their life & what are they doing to get it? I have improved my questioning, narrowed it down to the details of their motives & thinking…Now I ask: What are your intentions in life & what results & outcomes are you getting recently? 

All of us have intentions. Intentions are our mindsets. Intentions are your desires, aim, awareness, purpose, where you are attempting to go in life. Intentions (Thinking) formulate priorities or they take us to negative & destructive places.

Your intentions get right at the business of what you desire to be. 

Making mistakes, failure, all can be corrected if you are willing to relearn, readjust, even change the way you are going about something. But what is worst & will repeat failing & destructive consequences is saying one thing & meaning the opposite. The hypocritical mind, mouth, & heart will lead to bad, bad, outcomes.

Refuse to be This Person in the Hiding. Venture Out in Life & Find Out What You are Made of

Up Front & Honest, Courageous in Pursuit of Intentions & Excellent Outcomes Will Happen

Intentions are what navigates our lives. Intentions are the purest way of knowing someone’s motives, it tells the story of who they are & where they are going. When taking inventory of yourself that is the first thing you look at truthfully, the exploration & evaluation of your mindset, your priorities, the direction your life is headed. Intentions are way more powerful than goals. Why? Because intentions are directly connected to assertive action within a certain time period

Up Front & Honest, Full of Zest & Heart & in the Pursuit of Your Intentions a Desire for Excellent Outcomes!

If we are true to our intentions we will venture out into the world & seek what we have defined is worthwhile & right for your life. Venture out beyond any personal hang-ups, fears, & worries & accumulate the new knowledge, wherewithal, & confidence needed to get the outcomes we desire. We are not given a bad or good life. Life is waiting for you to engage it & with strong & powerful intentions make a good life-One From the Hart

Screw What People Say Go After Your Intentions! One From the Hart




























About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona