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The sign when a person has found maturity; self-accountability, & claimed their personal duty to their life is when they learned & understood that their only opponent is themselves & to take initiative to get help-One From the Hart

You’ve begun to wise up when you realize in order to get the things you always wanted you’re going to have to do things differently counter to what you have been doing that have getting you nothing but nothing significant. The hardest battle you will ever have to fight is between who you are now & who you want to be-Unknown

It’s the reconstruction of a person who has let him or herself down. Who has lived by some chaotic philosophy that has convinced you that God & the universe are against you. Wising up is surrender all of your I, Me, & Mine & learning to have long-term relationships, & removing the past that keeps chasing you-Wellness; peace of mind, having a clear conscience, & being clean & sober is a long term effort-OFH

Christ Up has nothing to do with the legalism of religion. It has everything to do with having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Allowing Jesus Christ to empower us & free us from our self-centeredness.

The absolute pathetic-worst position you can put yourself in is the position of isolation & exaggeration.

Your pain is greater than anyone else. You believe you can handle all of your struggles & stress with the small amount of wherewithal that will lead to the demise of your health & wellness. We isolate ourselves from the wisdom & knowledge & embracement of God because we’re still in this stage in our lives that we want our hand held, we want people to entitle us, we want everything that in reality takes work & sacrifice for free-One From the Hart





If you don’t understand how this relates to your greater health & well-being your worst off than you think.One From the Hart




About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona