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All of us are attempting to make headway in our lives sadly most of us never get the outcomes we want. Being well mentally, wholeheartedly, spiritually, physically-bodily, & financially means to make headway in your life everyday through a process. Most of us use the hit & miss method when it comes to getting the outcomes we want in life & we tend to miss.

Have you ever defined what YOU want from yourself in life? Have you ever defined what you want & how you will proceed to get it?

Life is about proceeding because in case you didn’t know it the calendar changes everyday, the clock ticks on, & each year you have a birthday as either a celebration of living out the best version of who you are or that someone who keeps putting off their life.

Headway, results, outcomes, come by way of a process that reinforces the essentials needed to keep moving on. A process disengages you from doing things your way, the easy way, the short cut way, the hit & miss way-One From the Hart


About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona