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This is about relating to the people in your environment. People you know, people your unfamiliar with, people that will give you unsolicited advice, & people who will interrupt you.Relational or how relational of a person you are depends on the conditions you placed on yourself & the condition of your well-being.

Are you someone who expects people to come to you? Are you someone who thinks life owes you something? Are you someone who goes out in life & finds life, finds opportunities, finds people who will enhance your life? An approachable person is someone who people want to know, who are curious about, who want to get to know. What makes a person approachable & what makes someone unapproachable?

 Relational; Stop what you are doing & pay attention to someone. Invite someone to have a conversation, welcome others, articulate your needs, concerns & who you are.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction both are transformed-Carl Jung

If the condition of yourself is mostly about you knowing it all, about proving to others how much you know, how you can handle all of your problems just about on your own then you are not approachable nor relational kind of character. A lot of people don’t know the difference between claiming they are a good person & in truth are narcissistic. 

Life will consistently hand you your prideful ass as long as you are ignorant to others feedback & advice

Basic rule of life is: All of us will run out  of ourselves. There will be times in our lives that life will show us our stupidity & incompetence.Walk with the wise & become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm-One From the Hart

There is finding life & there is allowing life to find you. Sometimes the things you’re meant to do with your life will find you only if you make yourself approachable & assessable.

The fire in one’s heart & soul begins to dull down to a flicker of light when we condition ourselves to be adversarial, opinionated, & too hurried to listen to advice-One From the Hart



About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona