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There are things in us that are positive & desiring that lay dormant in us by our doing. Authority within us to change, to conquer self-imposed limits, authority to connect with life & thrive-One From the Hart

Three things that will Rouse the human body from head to toe….1.Pure factual-truthful feedback. 2. God interrupting your life through strangers & circumstances. 3. Exertion; physical, mental (learning new knowledge) spiritual ( knowing the Bible as a way of navigating through life) and  taking responsibility for who you are.

Wellness is the Rousing of the Body from Head to Toes-One From the Hart

As long as we stay buddied up with the person deep down we are dissatisfied with we stay this fixed being; defensive, uptight, immovable & settled in do-nothing.Allow yourself to be shaken, even knocked off your high-horse butt. Then seek the definitive answers that allow change.

The process of being roused is the purest way to change & be reinvigorating. All other methods are just rearranging things, more talk no action,  band aid methods, cherry picking what we want to deal with & avoiding the difficult stuff. One must dare & work hard within themselves if they anticipate having the life they desire. One must be willing to be shaken even knocked down off their prideful pedestal-One From the Hart







About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona