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Most people wake up feeling righteous, convinced that their behavior in life is always just & Justifiable-One From the Hart

To every question we need to have answered there are at least five answers to that question. These are questions we need answered on a daily basis that involve our health & well-being, religion & relationship to God, career & job, relationships, our inner self issues. Our life is either operated from an approachable stand or from a defensive-I’ve heard enough viewpoint.

We either seek to be continually empowered by new knowledge, God , or seeking the wise, the experienced, or we place ourselves in this mythical bubble & rely on our own version of things or old outdated information that has been getting you very little to no results & outcomes. If you cut through the immaturity the definition of a fruitful-prosperous life is based on the constant desire to learn, put that knowledge to action, follow through with what you know & get lots of outcomes!

Seek the One Voice that Will Clarify All of Your Confusion

There is at least five answers available to every question to every life altering, career altering, God altering, health & well being altering, & personal internal-changing questions.

Immerse Yourself in Strong-Proven Life’s Experience Men & Women Not Some Blowhard Enabler Who’s in it For Their Attention

To every question there are at least 5 (Five) answers. Depending on your maturity & faith will determine how far you will go to get the answers you seek.

THE FIVE ANSWERS to EVERY QUESTION…1. Answers with detailed facts. Answers attached to reality. 2. Answers with immediate & long term solutions.3. Answers that are always based on the least path of resistance. Answers that are quick, & self-pacifying & exclude pain & sacrifice. 4. Answers that point you in the direction of applying God’s faith. Answers that point you to look Biblically. 5. Answers that will include the things you need to learn & be credentialed for, answers to questions that clearly define the sacrifices & hard work needed within a certain time frame.

Questions are asked. We either listen intently with truthful ears & act accordingly with character, heart, & backbone or we retreat & go back into our bubble & wish our lives go well-One From the Hart










About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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