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He that Seeketh, Findeth and to Him That Knocketh it Shall be Opened-James Allen

Only by much work exerting one’s self (Finding Your Stride) from head to toe man can find every truth within his inner being & that he is the maker of his character, the molder of his life, the builder of his destiny.

Depressing, Fearing, Self-Dramatizing, Despairing,  Worrying, Constant Faulting, these are the roadblocks that get in the way of having a daily relationship with God, experiencing pure love, of having personal freedom, & celebrating excellent outcomes. These are words that bring pessimism Defeatism to all parts of our lives.

 Most of us don’t know how to be free individuals. Briefly, a free individual is in the present, accepts reality, has removed the limits of the past & has defined clearly what they want now & are proceeding with it. Free individuals have accepted accountability for their lives & acquired the courage to move on to greater things awaiting. 

A standstill life means you have placed yourself in a state of dwell. A Standstill life means you are in a analytical-stubborn-uncompromising position.  Never Forget: This very moment , we can change our lives. There never was & never will be, when we are without power to alter our destiny. Right now you can change your destiny by stepping into your tomorrows correctly, faithfully, & for once loving the gift of life-Steven Pressfield  

This writer stays away from the word happy when it relates to grown adults. Happy is temporary. Happiness is Instant Gratification, a fix, that constant soother to get you through your exaggerated view of how tough & difficult your life is. So, how about this…A person who looks forward to their life is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of optimistic and enthusiastic attitudes no matter where they are-One From the Hart

Most of us waste time & energy fighting circumstances. We accuse, we blame, we keep ourselves in a position of being the victim. Our life should be focused on things in which we can extend our unique self, our Intrinsic Value. 

Life was meant to be lived out, be on the steadfast move, not in some standstill position. Life was meant to carry on & curiosity kept alive-One From the Hart

Finding your stride means to collect all of your Intrinsic Value & make it actionable. Its’ not necessarily what a man prays for do they get what they get but what he justly earns. His wishes are gratified when he harmonizes prayer, positive thought, & daily dedicated work-James Allen

All meaning in life, all joy, & personal freedom in life is located outside our comfort zone.Our Intrinsic Value must be searched, hunted, & organized with the help of another who knows about the application of our inner strength, our inner abilities, our importance & uniqueness. You often feel tired not because you’ve done too much but because you’ve been spinning your wheels, because you have done little of what sparks the light in you-OFH

Proceed to the Outcomes You Seek

Your Stride is reinforced by knowing your intrinsic value & your on-going relationship with God. Self-sufficiency is out! Your reasoning, & your head full of self-made philosophies rid yourself of them! Your stride will take you forward & that means be alert to learn & change otherwise go back to your standstill-chaotic life. Let go of the thoughts that are not pushing your mind in a positive direction!

Step by step with mind, heart, & body planted in the present. Where you are at the present is your springboard to tomorrow. Step into today & mobilize yourself through the day and through your day ask the questions you need to ask, seek direction, & ask for feedback in areas of your life that are being contaminated with worry, doubt, & fear.  It’s your attitude, your motivated mindset not your aptitude that will determine how far you will go in life-OFH

Keep in Step, Stay Steadfast this means staying on course, in rhythm…in the process of the destiny you seek. Do you seek adding more credentials, gaining more knowledge then get the instruction required. If you are in search of a better job then stay steadfast & keep in the hunt of getting that better job till you get it. If you know you need to improve your wellness then find a coach that will hold you accountable to get healthy & well.

Get specific with yourself. Speak definite terms instead babbling on & on about what you are going to do. Discipline your thinking with concrete thoughts instead of being this get-nothing-done scatter brain.One From the Hart

When we find our stride, when we are actionable, steadfast, always on the move forward the sum of our lives now rests in the present time. The present time of results & get done rather than this immobile wanna be who is anchored down in the past.

The Effective Life is When We Go the Full Extent of All That Makes Us Important

Keep on going & the chances are you are going to stumble into somebody who teaches you something that can enhance your life. Keep on going & the chances are good that you’ll learn that you have the capacity to overcome any circumstance. One From the Hart

After reading this how does it relate to your life?

About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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