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Everybody’s Life’s Lessons are ready & in store sometime in their lives. Call it Wake Up Calls it is another one of those inevitable happenings that is going to stop you in your hurried tracks & will get your attention.The Big Interruption. You’ll have to drop your cell phone for this! The Big Interruption, a lesson in life that is going to tell you enough is enough! It happens to all of us & it hits us out of nowhere-One From the Hart 

We’re looking more for living in some protective bubble rather than getting up & moving on with our lives, getting up & putting to the test our relationship with God.Most people today want a predictable life cause we’re afraid & have flimsy faith in God.If we can’t see it, or can Google it forget about it.

Note: When I say relationship with God I don’t mean organized religions because most religious people interpret religion as a protective bubble. What I mean is connecting with God in prayer, in private conversation, & using the Bible as a navigation for living-One From the Hart

People need dramatic examples to shake them out of their apathy. Sometimes truth isn’t good enough .Sometimes people deserve to have their faith tested- Bruce Wayne.

Most of us internally become way old & frail before our times because our real aim in life is to build this protective bubble against uncertainty. We coil up in a defensive-adversarial ball whenever we are challenged to Venture Out of our bubble & get acquainted with new & revitalized lifestyle. The meaning of our lives emerges in the surrender of ourselves to an adventure of becoming who we are not yet-From an Excellent Book: Abbas Child



 We are scared of anything that isn’t  predictable or we can not see it. If we can’t find it on Google it isn’t real.


About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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