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MathaPhobia…How you can overcome you. Olympia LePoint & Penny Scott

This is about those 18-26 who are in a time period of building up one’s life. Building your foundation with work experience & getting Credentials essential all at the same time.

Empowering your life through a solid work ethic, navigating through life with wide-alert eyes & ears & the refusal to allow anything you have the ability to do left undone-_OFH

I did not say college. I said credentials. Any education & instruction that empowers you. I worked as a college enrollment person for five years. If you go into college not having strong math skills your in trouble & the college or school of training will take advantage of your lack of how colleges work. Math is widely feared & avoided. When dealing with fear of any kind you either allow it to chase you or you stop the fear by looking at it as it is and deal with it.

The book above is the best book in relating to having a fear of math. What you do is order the book on Amazon or have someone do it for you, get the book & not only read it study it & find some person who cares about your betterment & share what you read. Just maybe math symbolizes your attitude about dealing with anything that poses a struggle in your life?

Read the book, highlight key points & share it with someone. Then if you have a change of attitude Just take one math course.Great effective minds put away their childish ways & engage in finding facts, knowing the cost, & knowing the sacrifices of any worthwhile endeavor.

About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona