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In my unique way of living the life of a Wellness Coach I help draw the originality & strengths out of my clients-Richard Hartner One From the Hart

Two of my favorite words: Dynamis & Overcomer. Both words are in the Bible in fact the word Dynamis is mentioned 120 times in the New Testament.

Life will exhaust us & eventually outmatch us if we are not aware & understand our inner strengths & apply them routinely to our lives. When we are in the prime of our youth from 18-25 our coping skills, our strength come from our physical self our outer self, our cleverness, looks, & manipulation. Dynamis is the power to achieve by applying the abilities you have that were given to you by God.

Strength is Finding Your Stride in Something You Desire to Accomplish & Getting Results & Outcomes

Strength is one of those words that have a lot to do with our relationship with life. Strength & I mean inner strength is something you must have a desire to search for, find meaning & understanding, learn how to apply it in life. Inner strength just doesn’t fall in you lap. You got to seek & find it.

Show me someone who complains of depression, shows no drive in life, no determination to actually finish something like school, or overcome their bad habit of quitting something when the going get tough & you will find that they are disconnected from their inner strengths. All of us are struggling for a way to live. Some of us are willing to do it the correct way while others are looking for all the least resistant-painless-pampered ways-OFH

Strength Words to Infuse Into Your Daily Life:

  • Dynamis
  • Overcomer
  • Focus-Focusing
  • Steadfast
  • Prayer
  • Tenacity
  • Effective-Live the Effective Life
  • Endure

Step into your life everyday with all of your heart!






About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona