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If its important to you then that importance will be shown through actions & outcomes. If it is not important you’ll have fools talk & find excuses-One From the Hart

It is inevitable in life that you will be forced to persevere.

You Have No Security Unless You Live Bravely, Imaginatively, Faithfully, & Resourcefully-OFH

Perseverance means to bear the burden till the work gets done. Perseverance means to focus on what you have left in you, what you can give, what you have & keep following through.Great breakthroughs in our lives generally happen only as a result of the accumulation of innumerable small steps & minor achievements-TS Eliot

Move Boldly Through Your Obstacles, & Your Fears

Between the start & the completion of anything worthwhile is a large patch of ground that makes you work your ass off, makes you dig deep inside yourself, gets you to soul search, makes you think harder than you ever have. It tests your character & your state of being.When you dare to be powerful, to use your inner strength in harmony with your bodily will, when you maximize every morsel of your character in the pursuit of something that will enable you to rise to a greater height it is then that you have persevered.

Some of us are in Pursuit of life while others are Squatters. A squatter settles all in the name of avoiding  paying the price of having the joy in life, of being the person they have the capacity to be. Squatters place themselves in a fixed position & wait for opportunities to fall in their lap.

A squatter is one who shrinks away into having just enough to get by in life. Risk is whatever scares you. It is the threshold we are required to cross before we can lean down to our passions lying dormant & kiss them awake-Fernand Pouillon

I press on toward the outcome I desired to finish, complete, to win. The prize for which good has called me. From the Apostle Paul to the Philippians 3: 14 Those who are in pursuit of life have chosen a particular path to follow & they remain steadfast & striving to accomplish what they set out to get at the end of that path. Those in pursuit of life never allow setbacks to keep them down long. They immediately find ways to get up & stay in the pursuit.

An excellent book to check out is: Callings Finding & Following an Authentic Life By Gregg Levoy








About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona