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Those who have a defined purpose in life & continually are active in pursuing that purpose & building upon that purpose will overcome any struggle. Overcome means to seek best outcomes in any situation-One From the Hart

In the Bible Jesus encourages his people to remain steadfast through trials; to master  trials, struggles, & pain.The mature-wise-reality based person knows that from the cradle to the grave life has some guaranteed occurrences  that will happen to all of us no matter who we think we are. All of us will face pain,rejection, resistance, disease-illness, death, disappointment-failures.


I try to stay away from using the word: Success. I prefer using the phrase; Living the Best Version of Yourself. And in order to live out & be the best version of yourself you first have to mature up, learn up, confident up, & wholeheartedly follow through with your abilities & empowerment from God. The Greek word most translated for overcome is: TO CARRY OFF TO VICTORY

How you overcome & keep your life moving forward despite these life’s guaranteed  challenges will determine your sense of wellness, prosperity, Joy, & personal freedom.

If you are someone who has trouble maintaining discipline & focus & establishing a foundation of principles then you are easy prey today for all the alternatives out there that will convince you that you can bypass hard work, pain, & sacrifice to get what you want in life.

 Overcome means to be ENDURING. It means to stay true to your word, true to the process your in, & true to the outcome you intended to happen!

3 Basic RULES of LIVING OUT YOUR LIFE…1. Define who & what you want in your life. 2. Learn to overcome life’s trials, struggles, & disappoints. Learn by the age of 25. 3.Grow up & mature & understand that life & people are not purposely trying to do you in. Our biggest obstacle in life is how we think, what we think about most, & the mental clutter we gather as we age.

When it Gets Down to Living Life the Question You Should be Answering Everyday to Yourself & God is: Am I Living the Best Version of Myself? What More is to answer?

An Overcomer finds someone to teach them how to navigate through life; they learn how to go through life & avoid the pitfalls, temptations, & quick fixes that will hurt you. The Overcomer is concerned & alert to their health & well being so that they are ready, alert, & energetic to the opportunities ahead. Always but always the Overcomer in a position of strength.Those who are determined to get out & get going past their trials & struggles will embrace God, embrace their abilities, & embrace the wisdom of those who know how to overcome-One From the Hart

Life never stays still. Life always is happening & you & me are caught in the movement of life.You can bitch, moan, complain, but life & time moves on always.  Bad things will happen unexpectedly & how long we allow our attention to stay with them & stay immobilized in the do nothing will determine if we believe in becoming the best version of ourselves or some weak, cowardly, mediocre, self who ages in regret & bitterness

-One From the Hart




























Position of Strength

  • Find rejuvenation (step back)
  • Get answers to things that you have been avoiding & side-stepping.
  • Prayer
  • Seek constant learning, new knowledge
  • Remove any mental clutter
  • Seek the facts
  • Value your health-wellness



About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona