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An ageless body needs to be roused constantly. I wrote a blog on the subject of being roused. A timeless mind never settles for what you know. A timeless mind is in constant search, constant curiosity. An ageless body is always in some process-One From the Hart 

The well body, the joyous self, the peace of mind is always is always in the process of stir & change. I refuse to be fixed, settled in, or adversarial in my state of mind, nor take what I know about God for granted, or become hardened, cruel, afraid wholeheartedly-OFH

An ageless body has a clear understanding what is achievable in your life then sets one’s self in a process to get it. A timeless mind is constantly stepping into situations, allowing their life to be interrupted so new knowledge has a chance to soak in. An ageless body, a timeless mind yields one’s own self-centeredness to becoming a selfless change ambassador-One From the Hart


About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona