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I’m Richard Hartner.

As a Wellness Coach for 30 years, I have been on the front line of helping people find hope, find their way, and experience their life fully.

I am known for finding creative solutions in almost impossible situations. I’m also known for my follow through & motivation.

My passion is meeting new people, connecting with them & helping them find a way from right where they stand.


One From The Hart is a process wherein both the Coach and the Client work together towards a definite, measurable and tangible result. Starting with open & honest conversations, we’ll continually work together towards achieving your ultimate goal .

There are very few circumstances that I haven’t seen before. While my clients have different goals,  my most effective solutions are always found by discovering the root cause of the current limitation or what is holding you back and finding innovative ways to overcome any limitations and get you moving forward again

I love working with people and watching them take inspired action to get what they truly want and seeing them grow into the outstanding individual I know they really are.


This is for YOU if any of these apply to you…

  • You need a new push in life – whether young, old or middle aged
  • You feel overwhelmed with stress & life’s struggles
  • You have the desire to make changes
  • You are at a loss as to what to do
  • You’ve tried on your own but nothing is working
  • You have exhausted all of the traditional options
  • You’ve hit a brick wall and it’s affecting your life negatively
  • You haven’t experienced the results you were hoping for
  • You don’t know what steps to take next
  • You are coachable, willing to commit & do the work

Together, we’ll examine all the possibilities at hand & design an Action Plan to help move you towards the result you want to happen. I support you every step of the way.

I believe that every human being has something valuable to contribute and has a capacity to change. I know from my own experiences that with one-on-one mentoring, coaching and support an individual can achieve almost anything.

From our initial conversation the process begins. The questions I have will get you “fired up” about our work ahead. This process will bring to light the sum of who you are up till now.

This process helps me identify of your challenges, discovers what your natural capabilities are, finds your hidden potential & helps us both get clear on what you really want. Next, I create for you a specific Action Plan to show you what you can do to get what you want. From then on, we work together one-on-one on implementing this plan.

The One From The Hart experience empowers, motivates, elevates & liberates the individual who recognizes their own need to make effective, lasting, positive changes in their life so that they can achieve what they want to experience; a life of fulfillment, usefulness and contribution.

Realizing your own unique capacity and a willingness to do what you can do, despite the challenges facing you, makes all the difference. Once you are clear on what you want and see what you need to do get there, having expert guidance, motivation & support helps you stay on track. 


  • I am committed to your success for as long as it takes
  • I come to you at scheduled times, on time, so you can count on me
  • I create an Action Plan so you can know where you are going & what to do 
  • I coach you 1-on-1 so you can get the complete attention you need 
  • I regularly follow up so you can stay on track


Where most systems fail is due to the lack of support & follow-up. My process includes providing relief, follow-up and support for everyone directly affected. When you work with me, you can rest assured knowing that we are in this together and that I won’t let you down. If you are as committed to this process as I am, I won’t let you fail.

The lasting positive outcome you can expect, like the ones I help achieve for my clients day-in and day-out, is due to my talent for identifying the root cause of any problem very quickly, creating a custom Plan of Action designed to address it effectively and helping them implement it step-by-step with regular follow up and dedicated support.

I have known Richard for over three years. He provides exercises & art therapy for my 26 year old Down Syndrome son. Richard is excellent at building relationships & follow through.” ~ Dianne from Tucson AZ

My dad has been housebound for 10 years. He is 95 & still has plenty of energetic spirit in him but up until 6 months ago he was quiet & not as energetic. What dad needed was some male camaraderie of a strong male. Richard was the answer! Richard brought in active discussions, stuff that gets the brain working & the spirit shaken. It wasn’t long before my Dad was back to his awnry self & looked forward to Richard coming and sharing his funny stories.” ~ JoAnne Green Valley Az

All my life I was a pilot. After my two strokes I was negative & complained & refused to do anything until Richard entered my life & invested himself in getting me to get up off my butt and walk with a cane. ” ~ Herb from Green Valley Az 

I earned my college degree because Richard never gave up on me. I earned my college degree because Richard surrounded me with successful people.” ~ Maria Phoenix Az


I may be able to help.

Please get in touch so you can decide for yourself if we’re a good fit and this is right for you.


Richard Hartner

Richard Hartner Tucson Arizona Wellness Coach

PLEASE NOTE: I can only accept a few new clients. For a free consultation & to check my availability get in touch with me below: