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Life becomes a mad scramble for gain and speed, at the expense of one’s health & relationship with God. We live hurriedly, we bypass important details, & we think we have living down pat-One From the Hart

Getting past our own selves is the hardest thing to do. This is stress. Most of us are cowards & smug-arrogant know-all’s when it comes to life, when it comes to God & when it comes to living a well-healthy life thus we quickly run out of ourselves & let ourselves suffer in our disease, our sin, our pride.  Let me remind you that stress related deaths are third in the U.S. 

Be in the position for your next step.A position where you are alert to reality, alert to the challenge ahead, alert & ready to go into the unknown & not be dominated by fear.

Acronym for FEAR is: False Evidence Appearing Real 

Procrastination is fear. We call it procrastination because we don’t want to admit we’re afraid & mostly afraid of getting to work on our lives. In order to defeat fear we must risk.Risk is that threshold we must cross but we won’t because we fear the unknown, we fear what we can’t see, we’ve conditioned ourselves to do what we can to avoid pain & sacrifice.

In reality most next steps in our lives require some pain, some sacrifice, some adaptability some change & some new views on things we thought were right. Life always will outmatch you when you refuse to transform; refuse to get with the times-OFH

I’m paraphrasing a Bruce Lee saying here:

Only use what works,reject immediately what is useless, what wastes time, & remove yourself from the foolish talk. Never but never get baited into a conflict where you give up the authentic you, where you have to defend yourself with opinions, hostile  feelings, & pride. 

Be proactive rather than reactive to life by allowing others to interrupt your whims, your tantrums, your vendettas, your ignorance to the facts. Let people call you out on your BS. Allow yourself to be, be instructed, relearn. Be in a position of taking risks, by prayerfully & asking God to step with you beyond any fearful self-imposed limitations. Allow God to speak to you & help separate you from the real you & the impostor you. 

Position yourself for the next step by accepting only the next step & embracing each day as each day comes yet envisioning with enthusiasm the days ahead that eventually will put you in a place of thriving outcomes as long as you maintain an approachable & welcoming self.

Life will always outmatch you when you are living a lie

Life will outmatch you another words you feel as if your life is getting out of the grasp of your control when you lose your Self-awareness, when you become lazy-minded & poorly informed.When you are that coward who fears looking in that mirror & facing yourself honestly

Life will undo you, tear you gradually into pieces, when you condition yourself to be a cynic, a doubter, a babbling problem talker,  a procrastinator, a dweller of negativity.

Some of us when we think we have run out of our own selves turn to anything that will numb out our ignorance, numb the reality of our existence & remain stuck in our prideful nothingness-OFH 

Life overwhelms us, outmatches us, & tears us into doubting & scared fragments because we have failed to align ourselves with the the powers that give us the wherewithal to overcome life.

We’re more in partnership with anyone & everything outside of ourselves rather than being more aware of our intrinsic self. Most of us are paying more attention & seeking answers from what is outside of ourselves rather than exploring the depth of our mind, our heart, & soul. Looking Inwardly, the intrinsic self the stuff inside us that God gave us, the kind of stuff that is who we really are & about; not our jobs, not our money, not our reputation, not what we once did & done. No, the intrinsic self is what can keep us together in tough times, the kind of stuff that effectively gets us through life in one whole piece-One From the Hart

Wherewithal is the ability to meet something effectively; get the job done, overcome the problem, realize the outcome you desire. The kind of Wherewithal that is essential is needed getting past life’s resistances.

One From the Hart












Be in the position for your next step, next move, regarding your process, your goals, your desired want. When someone comes to me with their problems & concerns after they have vented their feelings I follow up immediately with: What is your next step from here? The biggest addiction problem today is peoples preoccupation to talking about their problems. 

You either are exerting yourself, spending your energies on solving your problems & building up your life or you’re wasting time & energy talking away about how life has & is screwing you over & the only outcomes you have is that your complaining-blamer do-nothing. The overcomer exerts  his or hers mind, heart, & relationship with God on things that bring prosperous-joyous outcomes-One From the Hart





Opposite of dwell is: To Take Risks. Risk is whatever scares you. Risk is that threshold we must cross but most of us won’t because of

Life will outmatch you if you are a cynic, a doubter, a dweller of the past, a pussy footer-procrastinator. Life will out match you if you think you always have enough time, enough resources, enough knowledge enough prayer, enough mentors, enough wisdom, enough energy, enough wherwithal period.

Risk is whatever scares you. It is the threshold we are required to cross before we can enter that passage in life that will introduce you to opportunites, new knowledge. Before we risk at anything our lives have been living in fear, in routine, self-centeredness, Dormant.



Refused to be impressed by crazy talk

Living life is this…define what you want, seek it, which takes a process of determination, find it in a predetermined time frame that way you hold yourself responsible for the outcome When you make it to your wants you will experience Joy, not happiness the ectasy of joy.

People let themselves down because they fail to apply themselves to the time & moment they stand in. Life will call us to take risks & how we respond (if we don’t turn into some frail coward) depends what we are made of, how we have developed & grown in our approach to life, how we are connecting to God, & our heart, our confidence, our faith.


If we don’t learn how to place controls, boundaries, priorities, on our minds, hearts, & learn to navigate through life we will be undone, torn into pieces, taken prisoner by everyone, everything seen & unseen.

A huge part of maturity, growing up, wising up is shutting your mouth & venturing out of your small mindedness & learning to overcome the world-One From the Hart

It is our errant ways that takes us from staying on course.

Life overwhelms us because we are poorly equipped, lack a pray life, Wherewithal





Learning is the key word. But we don’t & thus most of the time when we deal with the world & other things beyond this world its through our own resources; our interpretations, our assumptions, our past references & we fail to go beyond our



About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona