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Talking about your problems, picking at what’s wrong  is our greatest addiction & the hardest habit to break- Rita Schiano

To be empowered is a willingness to take risks & to resolve the things about us that have been a contention of avoidance & fear.

Follow through & outcomes are the only ways you can gauge sincerity. Why? because with follow through there is dedicated action. Then comes breakthroughs, then comes small results and then the completion, something you can show you have done.

Life Will Always Outmatch You Unless You are Empowered With Continual New Knowledge & Having Daily Communication-Relations With God

Human beings by nature are impatient, lazy, full of broken promises & intent.

Your value can only be measured by stepping into the front line of life, doing what is necessary to be worked on and then put on the grand finish & get the outcomes you swore you would in front of God, family, & friends-One From the Hart

Self-empowerment is the Go Get It Component inside us. It is your essential effective self.Most of you reading this have allowed yourself to be controlled by your circumstances & people you use as crutches.

 Some are Merely Existing in Conditions While Others Thrive in Their Empowerment

Thrive is bigger than being happy, thrive is where life is made bigger by those with hearts that dare & backbones made of the stardust blessed upon them by their prayers to God. Thrive is the hunger to not just embrace life but squeeze out of it like a grape all of its available knowledge and Opportunity

What does not work get rid of it. Reinvention of one’s self means personal growth, accelerated maturity, physical & spiritual rejuvenation, & an attitude overhaul. It means to get back to the things that once brought you empowerment. At some point & if you are lucky we have a chance to renew our tired, worn, defiant self & broaden our freedom. At some point we have the chance to reinvent ourselves to allow our better, stronger, selves prevail instead of pissing & moaning about your life past & present-One From the Hart

More Knowledge, New Passion, & Approaching Life to Learn

We live in narcistic times. Besides self-importance what stands out most with a narcistic person is that they think they have a monopoly on pain. Their pain be it emotionally or physically is greater than everyone else’s. A narcistic person is totally oblivious to the input of other people who could help them. As long as you cling to any narcistic tendencies, speak narcistic language you’ll never find the empowerment that is needed to live out the best version of your life-OFH

Most of you reading this are being held back in life by the agreements you have held so dearly in your head for decades. You hold yourself back by thinking you can solve anything , & toughen out anything. The big question always is…Are You living out the best version of your life?

Self-Empowerment first means to remove all self-defeating habits. It means to mature up & remove all words that represent doubt, lack of faith in God, lack of confidence within your realm; sarcasm, cynicism, criticism, fretting, wronging,& comparing.

Self-Empowerment is stepping into the real life of embracing pain & learning from pain & learning from our f-ups, & gaining knowledge from the periods in our lives where we were simply cowards from the facts & truth. Empowerment has immediacy to tending to the vital parts of our life; God, employment, family, & health.

Self-Empowerment is the engagement of the true you, the special you, so put on your big boy pants & get ready to feel the struggle, the hurts, & know the sacrifice of you meeting life everyday with all you got from head to toe!

One From the Hart






The removal of anyone who speaks self-defeating words to you & to remove self-defeating attitudes & words from you  It means to get some maturity & the real important questions of someone who won’t treat you like a fragile object.




























 enthusiasm, & the backbone to finish what you started. Results & outcomes are the only way to show that you are sincere & and dedicated to being the best version yourself & what God wants you to be! One From the Hart

Most of you who read this are being manipulated & lead around by your conditions rather than making use of your own empowerment & taking initiative to reinvent yourself. Most of you who are reading this now speak more of what you don’t have, what you could have, & wish you had rather than break your addiction to problems. As long as you’re addicted to your problems you’ll never be able to fit into a process that will assist in getting you off the feel-sorry treadmill-One From the Hart

Our culture  encourages narcissism. You know, self-involved, self-important, you think you have a monopoly on pain. This is a condition, a condition of pure self-centeredness. Narcistic natured people are adversarial & accusatory (blamers, bitchers, fault-finders) in disposition. Empowerment is the GO GET IT side of yourself. Self-empowerment is the engaging of the effective-essential self. That something our loved one’s want for us & something God desires that’s the reason He put us here. Go ahead check out the Bible on empower, & living out the best version of yourself for God. One From the Hart

All of us in several intervals of our lives have the chance to re-invent ourselves. Some of us heed the warnings that come first with it  others remain in the parts of our lives that are narcistic & continue the habits & lifestyle that are destructive or holds us back from being the best version of your life for you & God. Life & living to it’s fullest & joyous has everything to do with making best on what is empowered in you & asking God to reinforce that empowerment where you need it.

Most of You Reading This Have Down-Sized on Your Decision Not God!












The word: Self-Empowered can sound like you have the ability to take on your life all yourself. That you don’t need the advice of others or have a relationship with God. Getting to know, actually finding your empowerment will take the intercession & interruption of others & God.



It’s been presented simply how to connect with our empowerment & even with others who have activated their self-empowerment.

  • Take on day at a time, one moment at a time, one thought at a time, make one step at a time.
  • Only you has the capacity to control you. You have been given the  power of self-control. See that key word: Self. You have been issued the power of taking authority of your mouth, your thoughts, & what you do with your hands & feet
  • You have the power of choice. Its up to you how you go about with the process of choice. You can be a fool & a dumbass & make your choices with reckless emotion or surround yourself with those of wisdom & life experience who will explain things with truthful intentions. Most who read this right now are being controlled by conditions & circumstances in your life & thus you are not empowered.

I find a lot of adults do not want to know this stuff until they are human wreckage with little to no opportunities left. Adults who have used friends & family as crutches & have drained those family & friends emotionally & financially…Mostly emotionally.



Why is stress related deaths third in our U.S. culture? Why is suicide deaths highest is our U.S culture? Why is stroke related deaths highest in our U.S. culture? Why is depression so high in our U.S culture? When you take heed of the empowerment within yourself new opportunities begin to show themselves to you-OFH



At some point we all have a chance to reinvent ourselves, to allow out better, stronger, useful, selves to prevail. Pissing & moaning about your life past or present adds no significance or strength to your life-One From the Hart


















About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona