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I Have a Young Man’s Soul in an Old Man’s Body-One From the Hart

I meet people everyday who treat aging as if it is a disease. These are the same people that in their youth & middle age threw away valuable time on self-indulgent pursuits. Men & women who never pinpointed what they really want in life.

At Any Age Life is to be Applied

As long as we become preoccupied with what we are, what we think we will always be, & that getting old is about being some fixed object it is then our callous, indifferent, & adversarial approaches to life take root & we become burdens to our family & loved one’s

Life’s greatest achievement is not in the job you held or duty in the armed services, or the home you owned or family raised. No! Life’s greatest achievement is the remaking of one’s self when society says your too old! One From the Hart




About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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