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Socrates demonstrated long ago that the truly free individual is free only to the extent of his or hers own self-mastery. Self-mastery, self- navigation, self-control is what is needed in order to connect with the outcomes we desire.

Misery is the result of an individual not living up to his or her abilities.

As long as you don’t have a specific mindset, a focus, and a disciplined time frame in which you will deliver on the outcomes all your life will be is excuses, lies, & cover-ups. Outcomes are the opposite of miserable. Outcomes keep you working, it keeps you healthy, it brings joy into your life. 

There are people who are reluctant who will fight you with their reasoning, their rationalization, their renegade philosophy of life & God rather than accept a chance, an opportunity to stretch themselves beyond their self-imposed limits & further their education, further their experiences of life, further their understanding of themselves & what they can do.  A positive mind looks to expand his or hers knowledge, find opportunity in everything. A negative mind, a know-it-all mind finds fault in everything & looks to expand the problem with drama-One From the Hart

As long as Appeasers, Enablers, & Suck Ups exist we can put on the drama, get people to by our sob story & gain the attention of a child-One From the Hart

The fact is our lives & the way we shape them, the direction we take them, & the way we build them is up to our own Volition. Volition is the act of choosing & owning our choices. Volition is the ability to stay focused & not be distracted.

When I was a child I thought like a child                                                                                                As a child I reacted to life selfishly cause that’s all I knew                                                            When I evolved into a grown up                                                                                                              I embraced maturity; put away                                                                                                            The gimme, gimme  kiddie ways                                                                                                          And accepted life responsibly -One From the Hart   










About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona