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Success is never final & failure fatal. It’s courage that counts-Winston Churchill

Staying well, feeling the empowerment of a clear & purposeful mindset, a body that moves free-flowing, determined to tell the story of someone who never, never backed away from a struggle.Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as if you are working for the Lord. Not for human matter. Colossians 3: 23

A lot of us don’t have a body. In reality we’re this anchor, stuck in the paralysis of analysis-OFH

Replace, Restore, Revitalize, & ExertThese are the essentials of staying endured, staying alert, & staying purposeful throughout  our allotted time on earth. Immaturity is assuming you are going to live forever by the way you delay & procrastinate & make excuses rather than get to the business of your life now-One From the Hart

In order to overcome you must change your condition & all of us have these conditions that we made throughout the years that have made us afraid & lazy to face the struggles-resistances that are guaranteed to happen. Overcoming strength comes collectively; first by relating to God, second by dipping into the well of self rather than dashing off headstrong into the world unknowingly.

After yesterday has finished out, step into tomorrow better, wisher, more alert, prayerful, faithful, & enduring. The great object of living is to attain more life, more heartfelt energy, more in quality as well as health & education- Alfred A. Montapert

The bottom line is this; when we take the least path of resistance, the detour to lies, comfort, self-gratification; the avoidance of resistance & struggle we immediately enter the ever popular club of the half-done, half finished, & the never could because the struggle was just too hard.

The Purposeful Life is: Noticing Life                                                                                                           The Purposeful Life is: Applying Your Abilities & Usefulness                                                                   The Purposeful Life is: Sharing yourself to help them improve                                                              The Purposeful Life: Is living your with steadfast momentum

One From the Hart


About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona