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Can’t laugh, Can’t Have Fun, Can’t Have Lasting Relationships, No Dreams, No Hope, Cause Life Revolves Around Me, Myself, and I!-One From the Hart

Remove Self-Centeredness

Taking yourself personally is a defensive stand to life. It divides you from God, & it transforms you into a coward. You can easily tell someone takes themselves personally by the words they use & how they handle engaging in a debate. Underneath that tongue of theirs is years of reasoning, justification, blaming, & childish excuses.

Rather than taking yourself personally & making this stressful stand towards life, how about inviting people into your life that will breath new knowledge into you so that you will have the authority to make corrections where change is urgently needed-One From the Hart

We Only Hear What We Want to Hear

Instead of taking yourself personally; taking life personally coming to conclusions & judgement so fast & coming to hurried conclusions listen as words are said not what you selectively want to hear-One From the Hart



About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona