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Worry is trying to come to a conclusion without God in the equation-Unknown

90% of our stress is self-induced. We allow it to enter our minds, then we give it prominence through our mental banter & reluctance to effectively seek the right solutions.

Stress in an exhausted body system that is dealing with life on many limitations whereas a well-healthy body is moving through life on all of its cylinders; clear-minded, wholehearted, energetic & invigorated.

Most of stress is about control & thinking you’re a power within yourself. The roots of all serious stress is the fear of the repercussions later like having to change your lifestyle. Stress is assuming God’s role.

Wellness & the practice of being well means to get out of your own way! Having a more approachable character, allowing people to speak to your life, removing your pride-One From the Hart







About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona