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A Tiger Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over the Opinion of a Sheep-Unknown

Wellness is that unique Ease of Confidence you have when you have made it your first purpose in your young adult life to know who you are & what  outcomes you specifically seek-Stupidity is when you have at your finger tips the ability to learn, grow, & change & you never apply it.

A Smart Person Knows Intimately Who They Are & Applies it to Life With Zero Procrastination.

In our youth its the fight for relevancy & relevancy is about the hunger to know; know the facts, know the details, know expectations, know how to get to where that special place is that welcomes who you are & the credentials that in years hard work have been earned-Stupidity is always half-doing it. Stupidity is taking the short-cuts, stupidity is not going to the right source when it comes to attending college or some training school, or Career.

Dismiss What You Don’t Have Anymore

True smarts, in our older years comes by way of Reconfiguring our lives & gaining relevancy with those achievements & test of courage & spirit put before you now!

Smartest thing anyone can do is focus on the here & now. Second smartest thing is to work within the time, space, & abilities you have & make a difference in your life & others-One From the Hart






About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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