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Richard Hartner is a wellness coach & mentor in Tucson, Arizona

Wellness Is The Freedom To Live An Effective Life

A constant influx of new knowledge, a welcoming of feedback, a fortified life of relationships that best reflect your betterment. Wellness is having a cheerful-positive heart, a willingness to make changes, & a body that exercises & has healthy fun.

I don’t believe one grows older.
I think what happens early on is that at a certain age
one stops, thinks they know it all.
They stagnate & accepts who & where they are – TS Elliott

Engage in Your Effective Self

Effectiveness is the GO GET IT side of your nature
Effectiveness is about making better days happen. Enough with the nostalgia, the past, what used to be lets get some present day results to celebrate about!

I Lead People to Effectiveness – Richard Hartner

Effectiveness is the mobilization of the best version of yourself at any age. The One From the Hart experience is all about revitalizing your effective self that has been buried under procrastination, stigmas, self-pity, & laziness – One From the Hart 

Take Authority of Your Life

Self control goes hand in hand with maturity. In our hurried culture of today its really easy to get lured into all of its mess, all of its lies & quick fixes.

We are the only proprietor of choice for ourselves as long as we are in touch with reality, focus on one day at a time, clarity of thought, eyes open to truth, & good health – One From the Hart

God grant me the serenity to accept things
As they present themselves
Accept people I can not change
But have the courage to change who
I can & that is me, myself, & I
– Rienhold Niebuhr (From the Serenity Prayer)

A Free Life is a Changeable Life

Freedom is the capacity to live out the best version of yourself by recognizing
& pursuing opportunities when they present themselves.
We live freely when we accept the things that have come to be permanently,
when we have found our niche, our purpose, our enough
– One From the Hart

Prisoner of Monotony

You don’t have to be in a 6X9 prison cell to have your freedom minimized.
A whole lot of us spend the majority of our days confined to our mental oppressors, tormentors, & things we have no control over. Our prison cell (our brain) measures 21-22 centimeters in length & 17-18 centimeters in width. Personal freedom begins & continues with the parting of thoughts that limit the best version of who you can be – One From The Hart

Freedom means our mind, heart, & desires are in harmony with our voice & actions.
Gonna change my way of thinking, make a different set of rules.
Put my best foot forward stop being this fragile sickly fool – Bob Dylan

When I accept a client & the reclamation process that accompanies it the client & I form a partnership in first removing all indecisiveness that has been hindering your health & wellness- Richard Hartner

Taking My Blame

All joy, confidence, & happiness, in life take the presence of a clear conscience self, a robust heart, a relationship with God, & follow through – One From the Hart

Self-evaluation for many is a huge breakthrough in taking authority in their lives. When you go before yourself be it by writing on a ledger pad or seeking a non-biased friend & stating your life bravely!

Self evaluation, the willingness to slay the selfish child in you for the sake of something way better in life, something you want to love. The process of self-evaluation otherwise known as: an internal autopsy, a spiritual enema, a conscience shock, a hard look in the mirror aka; Michael Jackson’s 1987 Man in the Mirror

As long as we are engaged in blaming others & circumstances we can not change. Most of us in regards to changing only rearrange the problem. Instead of taking on ourselves full bore we cloak our inadequacies, lies, & our responsibilities.

Do not lean on your own understanding – Proverbs 3:5

Wellness takes humility. It takes allowing yourself from head to toe to be overhauled, revitalized, healed, restored & revitalized to the true you!

The only failure is to pretend that you have found the life you have prized – Unknown
The core of the One From the Hart experience is acquiring the ability to step further beyond the self-imposed stigmas, fears, & beliefs that have deprived you of what you are able to achieve – One From the Hart

Either you’re mobilized or immobilized. This has nothing to do with the use of your legs nor any physical part of you. It has everything to do with the condition of your thoughts-mindset, your heart-hardened or welcoming, a spirited soul; this has nothing to do with religion, & your character; confident or afraid.

I never considered being black & blind as a disability- Stevie Wonder

Live  & Strive Mightily!

The greatest temptation you will have in your life is to give up on what you truly want because it seemed too difficult to have-Sharon L Adler

The meaning of a disabled person has nothing to do with the paralysis of the physical self, any limits of sight, hearing, or speech. A disabled person is a purposeful shutdown of one’s known abilities. – One From the Hart

The disabled person has decided to be spiritually bankrupt, isolate themselves in blame & brooding & think that their pain is greater than anyone else.
Quitting is the easiest thing to get good – Jim Ross

We Are Born With An Incurable Capacity For Making The Best Of Things-Helen Keller who was blind all of her life but managed to graduate college, be an author, teach, & advocate for others.

An abled body person is constantly looking forward. An abled body person takes every single hindrance & turns it into an advantage.We are made for acts that gather up all powers & capabilities of our being & offers them simultaneously to God- Thomas Merton

The abled, the ready, the clearly defined embodies all that is decent about themselves; all their uniqueness & steps into a process that yields immediate results.
Man’s worth as well as his happiness & joy will depend on his ability to give value to his existence-John 14:27

Everyday Strive Mightily To Tap Into Your Greatness

Have an attitude that makes you eligible for the next big step that’s going to come.Let my life be able to be a reflection of the amount of abilities that exist in me-Robert M. Hensel

Living mightily is fortifying your greater well being through extending yourself, going beyond your grasp. Moving past any labels, illness, failures, or opinions & judgements.
The mighty life is connecting with your GO GET IT SIDE of your nature-OFH

Turn always to the possibilities at hand. Living mightily, having that I’m abled & available attitude makes you strong in broken places & seemingly impossible situations.

Breakthroughs come when we summon God prayerfully & our greater self confidently-One From the Hart

As a Wellness Coach I meet people as they are & then start the process of moving towards a place of advantage be it education, work, health & wellness, or personal betterment. Richard Hartner

Age Be Damned!

Life is Time. The brevity of life warns us how sacred time is. The clock reminds us short term, the calendar long term & once a year our birthdays are either a testimonial to how we contribute to time or another twelve months of feel sorry nothingness-Guts is acquired when you dismiss what you haven’t got & place your energies into what is left-One From the Hart

Let Us Be In Force Till Death Do Us Part

Two hardest things to do in life are: One…Self-Evaluate. Go honest with yourself & remove destructive habits that are depriving you of longevity, endurance, & happiness.

The man who approaches life the same at 50 as he did in his 20’s has wasted thirty years.- Muhammed Ali

The second hardest thing to do is to seek feedback after you self-evaluate & do a remake, a restoration of yourself.

You remake yourself as you move on in years & as the world changes. This keeps you healthy & relevant – One From the Hart

Never, Never, Never Allow Your Life To Passively Go By

Life’s greatest achievement is the remaking of yourself especially from your 50th birthday & on.

What is lasting, what will endure time, what will bring continued joy to your life is keeping that inspirit thriving so you can remake your life & keep on contributing-One From the Hart

As your Wellness Coach I will rouse you mentally with engaging conversation & debate. I will rouse you with creative & invigorating activities & be your remake companion. Richard Hartner Wellness Coach

A Process Is the Best Measuring Stick of Sincerity

95% of a process is about work & taking timely action.

A human being feels well, free, confident, whole, alive, invigorated, relevant, & energetic when they are producing fruitful results.
One From the Hart

What do you want & what are you doing to get it?

Those who seek to become the person they desire to be, the career they envision, the lifestyle they dream of need a process to take them there.

Courage is traveling the road between who you think you are & who can be-Meg Cabot

A process has a predetermined destiny of completion, a time limit that is shared by a collaboration of people who want the process to succeed.

A process is not for those who are enablers. Those who have this need to go rogue & do their own thing. There is no room for those who have a poor work ethic.

No Cynicism, Criticism, Sarcasm, Or Doubt

Suggestions & feedback are welcomed as long it’s accompanied with solutions & instruction. A process is comprised of a collaboration of people who have strong work ethics, who desire to get results. Mature men & women who know how to execute a purpose.

Watch The CNBC Show The Profit On Tuesday

We’re Seeking to Make Headway!

Momentum delivers results. Momentum is the ability to carry on uninterruptedly. Momentum is the thrust to make deadlines, fulfill our promises.

Great minds know what they want & go after it. Little minds mess with time, they’re playbabys. Little minds are subdued by misfortunes, Great effective minds rise above limitations.

Know How to Navigate Through Life

Navigate means to remain unnerved, steadfast; maintain your focal point.
You put the process in jeopardy whenever your emotions & feelings are making your decisions, guiding you along – One From the Hart

If you want to navigate on the seas of reality, the battlefield of life we need the right wherewithal-tools to keep on going & not be thrown off course.

The One From the Hart experience provides the wherewithal & the tools to navigate beyond adversity, temptation, & obstacles that will for sure come your way-  One From the Hart

Man Can Learn Nothing Except By Going From Known to Unknown

From beginning to the end a process will force you to engage in your effective self. A process will humble you, grow you up, make you more confident, show you things about yourself you never knew.

Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, & mankind the vessel-August Hare

The movement, the momentum of a process depends on each team person to follow through with their individual strengths in a timely way. Eventually hard work, the right navigation, & encouragement turns into a confluence of carrying the predetermined plan to its destiny.

Who & what do you want in your life right now & are you ready to determine the course of action to get? One From the Hart