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From the Cradle to the Grave Your Life is Formed Each Day. The Sooner You Accept the Duty to Empower Your Unique Life the  More Leverage You’ll Always Have-One From the Hart

Leverage or the act of Leveraging means to obtain an advantage. This means through being an active learner, associating with people that thrive on life, who value change. Leveraging is Acting Effectively

We make these plans, we have ambitions, we have desires, & dreams up until the inevitable comes & that’s Resistance. Fact of life is that people will give you feedback, correct you on your bad habits, challenge you on your knowledge, struggles will happen. Life has its frictions.  Many a person never realizes their dream because they never learned to approach & deal with resistance.

You see until you find the maturity to realize that resistance is a part of  life & not just some injustice specifically aimed at you. Seek the leverage of God, education, & all the ability you have.

Resistance-opposition tells us that we are not in control of what others want to decide about us. Decide soon is impressing upon people how right you are your main thing or pushing aside your ego & finding out what you need to know & do to get the right thing done! What stands between the start of a process  & seeing that process turn into an accomplishment is resistance-One From the Hart

Do not be conformed by the ways of your own mental stagnation or held in confinement of others bad advice. But be transformed by your ability to listen more than you comment, be willing to learn something new rather than isolate yourself, & ask questions rather than condemn & make judgements-One From the Hart

 A huge part of navigating through life is learning how to overcome resistance without emotionally falling apart & taking it personally or worse giving up on the person you have the ability to become.Those who are true to duty to themselves bypass all the non-essential energies that do nothing but hold them back & engage quickly to energies that will provide essential leverage. One From the Hart



About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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