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Life’s Greatest Achievement …..Is the Continual Remaking of Yourself So That You Know How to Live -Winfred Rhodes

If you are continually remaking yourself then your life will not experience long-term gridlocks. If you continue to dwell on your problems & lousy circumstances your life will be one big gridlock…One Big Impossible Situation

Far too many people I meet who are sickly, diseased, depressed, cowardly, arrogant, ignorant, isolated, & think they are a failure never learned how to live life. They pretty much have been & will continue to live a contained, programed, scared, life cause they have chosen to live in a Gridlock.

Not Everything We Have Been Believing in & Have Been Navigating Our Lives By Has Been Approved by God

Gridlocks are the agreements we made with ourselves, they are beliefs we bought into back with our parents that we never challenged their truth & validity.Our lives are jammed & congested with lies & myths because we never got off our lazy asses & asked questions, dug deeper into things and pursued remaking ourselves as we aged.

You Can Easily Tell Where Someone’s Gridlocks Are by the Topics They Dwell on, Choice of Words, & What Emotions Get Out of Hand-One From the Hart

Gridlocks are in certain parts of our lives. We have gridlocks about God, faith, relationships, self-esteem, who we are & what we want to do with our lives. We have gridlocks on how we view & approach life. When those gridlocks are not appropriately confronted & dealt with they turn into cynicism, skepticism, faulting, condemning, even anger.

Gridlocks block us from having free-flowing freedom. Another words you have been lured by the world around you & put into a contained place that takes away living out the best version of yourself.

Great minds have purposes. Little minds have wishes & unattainable dreams. Little minds are subdued by misfortunes & blame, great effective minds get past the past & rise above any gridlocks- One From the Hart






About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona