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This is from one of my favorite writers & sadly he died at an early age…John Donohue

May I live this day courageous in  thought compassionate of heart gracious of awareness gentile in word and generous  in love

We must own up to our mistakes, face our inadequacies, resolve our own conflicts & decide to grow up-Neil Anderson

When most of us declare we are going to change the one thing we will omit is dealing with our lack of maturity-One From the Hart

If your desire is to make true genuine changes in your life then it will be essential to confront the areas of yourself that need GROWING UP.  Maturity is the key to having harmony in your life. Maturity has no age limit nor can it hide in what you do for a living or how much money you have or reputation in the community. Immaturity at its best is thinking you can negotiate & manipulate your way through life. Men are notorious for this.

Maturity is a huge factor when it comes to your health & well being especially once you reach the age of 40. In our youth, in our reckless & careless years we are under this illusion that we are indestructible. In our youth we fail to acknowledge to recognize or respect time. Once 40 comes we are reminded of the inevitability of time…age, disease, death & time is short.

A person remains immature, whatever his age, as long as he thinks of himself as an exception-Harry A. Overstreet

Me First Thinking is a major culprit of immaturity or having a case of the constant Gimme, Gimmes. You think you have this monopoly on pain. A really good book is : The Gimme Gimmes by Gerold Jawpolsky

Me first thinking is catastrophizing everything which is making a bigger deal out of something than what it is. Immaturity is a bad case of letting your feelings & emotions dictate your decisions.

In regards to your health & well-being maturity plays a huge factor. Maturity is when you decide to apply Self-control & Management to your life starting with the way you think to what you do with your hands, feet, & mouth. First rule of maturity is the fact that everything changes & so you must.

There is this self-absorbed off shoot of man known as the King Baby & Queen Baby. They are adults that behave as whiney, crybaby, hissy fit, demanding, adults. They over indulge in booze & food, & video games.Maturity means you have an awareness of how your baby mindset has been demeaning & hurting others.

King & Queen Babies are prone to hissy fits, anger rages, & need constant soothing. I had a client; former soldier, computer expert, has a respectful career but when he got home he was as King Baby as you could get with his  alcoholism & rant towards his wife.Maturity is living up to your quality being that is asked of all of us by God. Go to James 4:1, Hebrews 10:24:27Acts 20:35

Maturity is the paying attention of what we are doing, to ourselves & our bodies. Whereas the immature, the King & Queen Babies have this constant need to be soothed through food, drink, & drugs. They are co-dependent on others to keep building them up.

So we don’t get distracted or taken by quick fixes in life our mindset must be of discernment & disciplined focus-One From the Hart

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Maturity is the ability to deal with life’s circumstances factually, empathetically, & patiently. It is the removal of any bias or prejudgment. Maturity is approaching life, people, & adversities through the eyes of a non biased view. OFH






About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona