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If You Do Not Have Healthy-Wellness Mindsets Aging Can be a  Bitch!

There are people who treat their bodies like pachyderms making their way through life lugging the burdens, the excess internal struggles, guilt, rejection, & burden of over-weight. 90% of the time we misdiagnose our own wellness or simply lie about it convincing others were fine-OFH

As Long as Man Stands in His Way Everything Seems to be HIS Way-Emerson

Longevity of life means as we age we part with habits, beliefs, attitudes, agreements. that do nothing but put wear, tear, on your mind, your heart (conscience) your physical self, & divides you from having a daily relationship with God. Check out Romans 12:21 & Phil. 4:8

Longevity needs the emergence of maturity, the seeking of facts, disciplines, & to be reachable & teachable to change.One From the Hart

About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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