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We Are Afraid of the Enormity of the Possible…Emile Cioran

Enormity means largeness, extent, & in this case the greatness in size of your thinking & heart.Man is relatively comfortable grasping a simple few things of this world. Man gets real uncomfortable when the core of his character is roused & shaken & required to bravely & mightily respond to life-One From the Hart

It is inevitable that time will call all of us out randomly & periodically & age does not matter. In time all of us will be invited to participate in life at a higher level mentally, in faith, from our heart (conscience) & character. Time always puts an invite on our effectiveness….The best version of ourselves at where we stand at the moment.

Let Us be in Full Force Till Death Do Us Part

Live & Strive Mightily-State Yourself Bravely! Fact is when your body is mightily fortified it turns pain to strength, misfortune to heated determination, rejection to prayers, & shortage of answers to venturing out & asking questions.Breakthroughs don’t happen by having this small-contained viewpoint of your life, of God, & the potential of people helping you

Gonna Change My Way of Thinking… Gonna Live Mightily! Begin today by shaking all the unwanted from your life. Refuse to let the past in any way regretful, shameful, or failures keep taking a ride on your conscience. Gonna Change My Way of Thinking make a different set of rules stop being this fragile sickly fool-Bob Dylan








About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona