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You are the average of the three people you talk & interact with everyday.

This means those you communicate & collaborate with by Facebook, e-mail, etc. Right now who are your three trusted influences & why? Your circle of influences dictates your path-John Bielecki

The formula to an empowered life is having influences that represent your actual empowerment. Empower is to put your life, the decision making & taking effective action back on you.

Truth is no one person can empower us. People can redirect us teach us, encourage us, but they can’t empower us. Those who try are self-centered enablers. Truth is not one material item can give us answers.Best influencers are those who are in it for your betterment & not for their own self-gratification.

Our choice of influences is always in direct connection with our maturity or lack of it. The people we allow in our thoughts, our hearts, & our lifestyle has everything to do with what we want in life, how we view ourselves, & our priorities.

Walk with the wise; mix with the stupid & be misled-Proverbs

Do we want to be empowered or talk mostly about our woes, our pain, how much we have been wronged?It nails it perfectly in the Biblically in Proverbs where it says: Iron sharpens iron & one man sharpens another. Do you want to be pacified, pitied, & be fed what only you want to hear or do you want to have influences in your life that will direct you to living an empowered life? One From the Hart

Any change process requires an honest look at the influences in your life. Which influences are misleading you? Which ones are holding you accountable to be the very best person you are capable of ? Which influences are willing to be involved in your empowerment process?Grow a backbone & stop using friends, family, & co-workers as crutches. Tap into those who have a proven life history of showing excellent outcomes & overcoming adversity & struggles without quitting-One From the Hart



























About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona